The Complete 6th International Herb Symposium on Audio Cassettes in Five Free Storage Albums


6th International Herb Symposium ~ 2002

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The 6th International Herb Symposium brings together some of the world's most respected and honored herbal healers to share their wisdom, love and knowledge of the plant world. As our Earth Mother becomes smaller, the need for planetary healing and consciousness becomes even greater. Herbalists and people who love plants have a unique connection to that healing consciousness. The tools that we use, the plant medicines of the earth, are an umbilical cord to her heart. This symposium is dedicated towards re-establishing and creating a deeper connection to the healing essence of the plants both for planetary and personal healing.

In creating the Symposium program, it is our wish to emphaszie the validity and importance of both the folkloric and the scientific herbal traditions. To ensure a richer herbal heritage, there is a crying need for the mutual and co-existence of these two traditions. Our selection of teachers and topics reflect those beliefs and attitudes. It is also a critical time for the plants themselves. Many of our most popular plants are diminishing rapidly due to habitat destruction and over harvesting. A need to redefine our roles as herbalists to include that of earth stewards and "Keepers of the Green" is essential if we are to ensure the continuing abundance of our precious plant resources.