Guido Mase, RH (AHG)

HERBAL INTENSIVE: Mental Health Using Herbs: A Comprehensive Approach


13th International Herb Symposium ~ 2017

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In the last decade, exciting research has shown how inflammatory nerve injury, heart rate variability, disruptions in gut flora, and entheogens (strongly psychoactive plants) can impact mood. New research developments have added more detail to our understanding in recent years, opening up exciting therapeutic potential for herbalists: modulating immunity and inflammation, using bitters and prebiotics to adjust the immune and gastronintestinal response, rebalancing and nourishing nerve and autonomic activity, and challenging spirit using entheogens. By examining new case studies, we will explore how to leverage these insights. Review the most recent research, and learn a clear methodology for evaluating the components of mental health and a flexible protocol to nourish and re-balance.