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Jay and Bridget Johnson, Owner/Operators of Tree Farm Communications, Inc.

Nationally recognized as an expert in on-site audio recording, Tree Farm Communications, Inc. specializes in the recording, editing, duplication, and marketing of educational audio recordings at conferences and teaching seminars. The company was established as a full-time recording service in 1987. Tree Farm records lectures, workshops, and presentations at conventions, conferences, and trade shows worldwide. The company has handled large national conventions with thousands of attendees, as well as small meetings, including hiking herbalists in remote mountain wilderness locations with no electricity.

Tree Farm uses state-of- the-art professional digital recording and editing equipment and provides rapid on-site duplication of audio files in MP3. Audio recordings are available for retail sales or wholesale production on CDs, MP3 files on discs, or USB drives, and for direct download on-line. Customers are constantly amazed at the high quality of recordings and the speed and efficiency with which copies are produced.

The creative marketing of educational audio sets Tree Farm apart from other national recording companies. Owner and founder Jay D. Johnson has been professionally involved with sales and marketing since 1962. He was general manager of a Seattle radio station from 1970 to 1975 and introduced the radio talk show format as a viable advertising factor in that market. From 1976 to 1987 he was executive director of an association of medical professionals, which held international medical education conferences and produced educational courses on audio cassettes. In 1982 he established a monthly audio cassette magazine for medical professionals. For 35 years it was produced by Tree Farm on CD and as an on-line download, this audio magazine grew to over 5,000 subscribers worldwide.

Jay's creative and groundbreaking techniques for selling audio-recorded information have been a major factor in the success and growth of the sales of audio recordings for many clients. Tree Farm was one of the first conference recording companies to provide on-line ordering service through the internet both through the web site treefarmtapes.com and via hyperlink from its clients' own sites. Many recordings are now available as on-line downloads from the site treefarmdownloads.com. Archived cassette masters are in the process of being digitized so they can soon also be available as downloads and MP3s on discs or drives.

In addition to providing on-site recording services, Tree Farm has also produced a number of successful educational audio and video presentations. Album sets and books-on-tape have been recorded in-studio for Tree Farm clients, including a national publishing company, authors who have national best-selling books, and the world's largest producer of computer software.

Thirty minutes from downtown Seattle, Tree Farm Communications, Inc. is located on the site of a former Christmas tree farm in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. The company is a member of I.S.C.S., the international trade association of conference recording companies. Jay D. Johnson, owner, is a former board member and served two two-year terms as president of that association.

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