Guido Mase, RH (AHG)

(3-AUDIO CD DISC SET) HERBAL INTENSIVE: Creating Simple and Effective Herbal Protocols


11th International Herb Symposium ~ 2013

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Are you reluctant to dive in to herbal practice because of the apparent complexity of the subject? Don?t be! Learn how, thanks to the inherent richness of botanical medicine, you can safely and effectively create herbal protocols for your clients that are both easy to understand and clinically relevant. We will explore four basic physiologic "hubs" and the herbs needed to keep them working smoothly: neuromuscular tone, digestive and hepatic function, immune function, and epigenetic regulation. Topics covered will include relevant physiology; basic, useful assessment techniques; and herbal therapeutic strategies based on current research. We will discuss relevant case studies to see how to pull all this information together in the context of a real person. Leave with a solid framework on which to build depth and experience. There is a great need for more practicing herbalists: start your work today!