Catherine Ehrlich, ND

(SINGLE AUDIO CD) The Multiple Etiologies of Insomnia in the Elderly


AANP 2002 Convention ~ Salt Lake City, Utah

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Sleep is one of the determinants of health; therefore any disruption can have wide ranging effects on the individual. Twenty-eight percent of those over age 65 report suffering from insomnia. This course will discuss the multiple etiologies of insomnia, from cardiovascular disease to psychiatric disorders to iatrogenic causes and more. This presentation will cover the following:

I. Epidemiology of insomnia

II. Etiology of insomnia

a. Psychiatric disorders

b. Metabolic disorders

c. Infectious disease

d. Environmental factors

e. Respiratory disease

f. Hormonal factors

g. Cardiovascular disease

h. Nervous system disorders

i. Iatrogenic causes

III. Managing insomnia as a primary care practitioner