(SINGLE AUDIO CD DISC) Reverse the Biological Clock for Fertility Success


Advancing Naturopathic Medicine ~ 2016

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A new way of thinking about the "biological clock" is essential for a healthy reproductive system and improved fertility success. While it?s generally understood that fertility rates decline after the age of 35, a fundamental shift in thinking must take place as new information emerges about how the biological ovarian age is a more important indicator of fertility success than chronological age. The biological ovarian age is an essential indicator for predicting natural pregnancy and successful in-vitro fertilization outcomes. This is supported by ground-breaking research showing that it is possible to reverse biological ovarian age leading to improved egg quality, slowing down and/or reversing the aging process, and under the correct conditions allowing the growth and development of healthy babies for women, even those of advanced reproductive age. While fertility success may be the goal with some patients, understanding health from a biological medicine perspective in relation to fertility goes much deeper. Imbalances in the terrain and milieu, hormones, high protein/acidic diet, inflammation, and toxic buildup can directly impact the health of the egg by creating an environment for rapid aging. Dr. MacIsaac will discuss the most current treatment options that are focused on reversing the biological ovarian and egg cell age for improved fertility outcomes. Her goal is to bring the biological age closer to the actual chronological age for both partners, by optimizing the cellular environment. Drawing from her clinical experience, she will discuss effective strategies and protocols for improving egg, sperm and uterine environment quality, and how to address common reproductive conditions including diminished ovarian reserve and recurrent pregnancy loss.