Larry Lytle, BS, DDS, PhD

(SINGLE AUDIO CD) Low Level Laser Therapy and Proprioceptive Feedback to the Brain


AANP 2003 Convention ~ Portland, Oregon

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Little attention has been paid to the role of Proprioceptive Feedback to the brain from the dental area. Price and Pottenger studies have show that underdevelopment of the maxilla progresses with every generation of refined food races. Underdevelopment of the maxilla traps the mandible resulting in tight dental muscles? which lead to faulty proprioception to the brain. This presentation will demonstrate the Embryologic development of the brain and dental structures and their relationship to the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems and the deleterious effect on the Endocrine system. Non-dentist attendees will learn to recognize faulty dental proprioception on adults and children and will learn methods for temporary relief.