Edward Mills, DPH, MSc

(SINGLE AUDIO CD) Evidence-Based Clinical Rounds


AANP 2002 Convention ~ Salt Lake City, Utah

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Complementary and Alternative Medical Education is at a crossroads, and has been an area of increasing debate (Grollman, 2001). Public use of CAM has risen dramatically since 1997, with initial reports ranging from thirty percent (Eisenberg et al, 1998) to a possible sixty percent in the US (Kessler et al, 2001). Much attention has been directed regarding public education of CAM, with respect to efficacy, potential harm and integration. Far less attention has been paid to the education of CAM practitioners, such as Naturopathic Physicians. In the current climate of integrative health settings, as naturopathic physicians should be trained to interact with conventional physicians, the public and policy makers in an evidence-based format. In order to effectively create communication, an evidence-based approach may provide the common ground required for all schools of thought.