(SINGLE AUDIO CD DISC) Botanical Medicine Microbiome: New Prospects for an Ancient Relationship


Advancing Natural Medicine 12 ~ 2015

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You are 10 per cent human: For every human cell intrinsic to your body you have 10 resident microbes. Research in this area is a new frontier for advances in medicine; the American Gut Project at the University of Colorado is taking a page from 23AndMe, mapping out the microbial landscape of each individual. This humbling new way of thinking about the self has large implications for human and microbial health, which turn out to be inextricably linked. Disorders in our internal ecosystem--a loss of diversity, say, or a proliferation of the "wrong" kind of microbes may predispose individuals to a whole range of chronic diseases, as well as some infections. What?s emerging from research into the human microbiome is simultaneously validating many traditional botanical strategies and suggesting new herbal approaches. This presentation will explore the history and the potential of the profound therapeutic fit between medicinal plants and the human-microbe "superorganism."