William F. Wulsin, ND, LAc

Considerations Before Entering the World of Third Party Reimbursement


AANP 2003 Convention ~ Portland, Oregon

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Know thyself; To thine own self be true; Practice from the heart of your being; The patient?s welfare is always paramount; Do no harm; Use the least force; Ride the wave of Vis medicatrix; Diverse perspectives rule; Respect the rules like the Highway Patrol; You do not right the rules; The mainstream?s will does not always look or feel Natural; The person on the other end of the phone is a person too; We are All in health care together; Third party reimbursement is not designed to make a practice succeed; Healing work is not defined by a reimbursement code; Medical procedures are only a part of Naturopathic approach;

The paperwork and records must be done to stay in the game; SOAP will keep you clean; Expect to fall and pick yourself up; Physicians make mistakes and are committed to life long learning; How you think and feel will form your ethics.