Bobbi Lutack, MS, ND

Cardiovascular Disease in Women ~ Interesting Cardiac Cases (2-Tape Set)


AANP 1999 Convention ~ Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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This presentation is divided into four areas related to women and coronary artery disease: physiology and epidemiology, risk factor identification and evaluation, objective monitoring and diagnostic measures and naturopathic treatments including a discussion on hormone therapy. Participants will learn differences between men and women in cardiovascular disease predictors, and will increase their awareness about some of the unique issues involving black women. Particular attention is paid to the postmenopausal woman and the effects of hormone changes on coronary arteries, lipids and blood pressure.

Dr. Lutack will present a few patient cases of different types of common cardiac "presentations" in primary care practice. The attendees will be led through the cases in SOAP format and asked to do a differential diagnosis as the case is presented. The outcomes are surprising and thought provoking. EKGs will be read together.