(2-AUDIO CD DISCS) Prevention and Treatment of Chronic & Degenerative Diseases with PEKANA Homeopathic-Spagyric Complex Remedies


Advancing Natural Medicine 9 ~ 2010

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During this lecture Peter Gosch will introduce the pekana spagyric processing method, explain why the pekana homeopathic-complex remedies are extremely beneficial in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. He will introduce, explain and indicate the various remedies and their uses, e.g., hechocur spag. For the treatment of liver dysfunction, gastul spag. for treatment of functional diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract, itires

spag. for the treatment of lymphatic conditions, renelix spag. for the treatment of kidney dysfunction, opsonat spag. the pekana flagship remedy for the treatment of the inflammation of the mucosal system. In respect to degenerative disease, he will discuss epigenetics and homeopathy, factors

that lead to the increase of degenerative diseases, and focus on some specific pekana remedies, including: habifac spag. for the treatment of the geneticpredisposition to develop a variety of degenerative diseases; apo-rheum spag. for the treatment of rheumatism; neu-regen spag. for restoring the nervous system; psy-stabil spag. for restoring mental and emotional stability; cardinorma spag., cangust spag. and coro-calm spag., the three remedies for treatment of heart conditions and heart support; oss-regen spag. for the treatment of degenerative bone diseases; glucorect spag. for the regulation of blood sugar levels; glautarakt spag. for the treatment of reduced vision, glaucoma, cataracts; somcupin spag. And sedicello spag. for insomnia and anxiety and restlessness which may accompany degenerative diseases.