(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) What Have We Learned from Our Elders?


Advancing Natural Medicine 10 ~ 2012

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A century ago, our naturopathic founders generated abundant literature addressing the key health concerns of the time. Reviewing those journals and books, one discovers miraculous clinical outcomes which today may seem impossible. The heroic measures that naturopathic doctors undertook when faced with life threatening diseases before the era of big pharma and hi-tech biomedicine will surprise modern naturopathic doctors.

It is uncanny how the history of naturopathic medicine reveals how our use of the word "nature" has been transformed. At the turn of the last century, the concept of nature cure and the idea of nature dominated the practice and language choices of naturopathic medicine, and essentially defined the core of our healing modalities. Our founders and our elders established that nature was at the heart of our medicine. Their unwavering faith in the power of nature manifested in large numbers of books, serial publications, and beautiful sanctuaries of healing and popular sanitariums which covered the continent. It was the age of Lust, Lindlahr and many others.

The sanatoriums are mostly gone, but the publications and books remain. When one reviews this rich literature of our elders, one discovers miraculous clinical outcomes which today may seem impossible. Nevertheless, the information and the evidence are available. The unique archival materials in the rare books collection at National College of Natural Medicine are a treasure to rediscover. Over the past four years, I have been able to uneaarth extraordinary accounts of the heroic measures that naturopathic dostors undertook on behalf of their patients faced with life threatening diseases, long before the era of nutraceuticals.

In this lecture I will review the rich historical evidence and literature of nature cure, discussing elders such as Lust, Lindlahr, Havard, Baruch, Just, Kneipp and others and to remind participanats that improved clinical outcomes incorporating simple nature cure modalities at no or little cost to an existing naturopathic practice are available and demonstrably successful.