(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Using Dreams in Homeopathic Practice


Advancing Natural Medicine 8 ~ 2009

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Dream material is a potentially rich source of information for health care practitioners of all kinds. Dreams give us information about what is stressing us, what is making us sick, and how we may be dangerously out of balance; sometimes dreams even make specific and practical suggestions for the betterment of our health and well being. Dreams help to clarify where a person may be pathologically stuck, and will often depict fundamental problems and challenges in a very clear and exaggerated way. Dreams also point out distortions of thinking, feeling and perception. For this reason

they are of particular relevance to the clinical use of homeopathy. Dreams can help indicate the presence of a miasm or a family of remedies, and may occasionally even point towards one specific remedy. Using transcripts of dreams from several patients in his practice, Dr. Sowton will illustrate how dream information can be included and integrated into homeopathic case analysis and practice.