Paul Epstein, ND

(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Mind-Body Medicine and the Self-Healing Journey: How Biography Becomes Biology...Seeing with New Eyes


Advancing Natural Medicine 9 ~ 2010

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Our diseases tell a story, not just about our cells, but about our selves, our life, our histories. The body remembers. By listening to their story, we are led to emotions that lie at the core of our authentic being. Through lecture, discussion, case studies, guided imagery and meditation exercises, we will explore how to listen within, to discover the messages and meanings of the stories our illnesses tell, often hidden inside the pain and symptoms. We will discuss and highlight the therapeutic relevance and importance of integrating mind-body approaches and therapies in the healing process as a key

component of naturopathic care. We?ll explore how our life histories, childhood hurts, traumas and stresses affect our health (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), and how healing is supported and happens when we consciously engage our inner healer and unburden ourselves from the wounds of our life story. Seeing sickness as home sickness, illness becomes an opportunity to embark on a journey of self-healing and awakening, to heal our relationship with ourselves, to come home to our true and authentic self.