(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) LDA: An Introduction to Low Dose Enzyme Enhanced Immunotherapy, Part II


Advancing Natural Medicine 11 ~ 2013

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LDA is an allergy desensitization protocol using combinations of a wide variety of extremely low dose allergens (10-14 to approximately 10-6, or 1 part in 10 million to as low as 1 part in 1 quadrillion). These allergens are given with the enzyme, beta-glucuronidase. The beta-glucuronidase acts as a lymphokine, a substance that potentiates the immunizing ability of the allergens. There is evidence that the therapy appears to specifically induce the production of activated T-regulator (Treg) cells, once known as T-suppressor cells, which can live in the circulation for many years. In this overview of LDA, Dr. Shrader will briefly discuss the history of EPD (Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization), the transition to LDA in North America, the principles of LDA and its use in primary care. The major focus will be on a stepby-step protocol for LDA, the testing, patient preparation, injection, vitamin and mineral supplements, diet, clinical follow-up. Please note: Prescribing authority and an allergy injection certification, which is pending CNPBC approval, are required to use LDA in practice.