Martin Milner, ND

(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Criticial Decision Making in the Use of Key Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Drugs


Advancing Natural Medicine 9 ~ 2010

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Dr. Martin Milner will present a comprehensive pharmacology lecture which will include a brief review of cardiovascular and pulmonary drug classes commonly dealt with by NDs, PARQ responsibility, critical care decision making, the algorithmic approach, dealing with mild, moderate, severe and malignant hypertension, mild, moderate and severe cardiovascular disease, common arrhythmias (e.g., PAC, PVC, tachycardias), atrial fibrillation,

extrinsic, intrinsic and mixed asthma, chronic ischemia management, nitrates, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, diuretics and more.