(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) BHRT Pearls: Fact and Fiction


Advancing Natural Medicine 11 ~ 2013

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In this lecture Dr. Ron Brown will present nine practical strategies for understanding the practice of BHRT in a real clinical setting. He will demonstrate some practical starting points for the development of a reliable treatment plan for patients and provide valuable protocols for monitoring patient safety while on BHRT. Dr. Brown will also dispel some commonly held myths with respect to conventional HRT and the greatly misinterpreted landmark study of the WHI. Finally, he will introduce the concept of "hormone balance" as the underlying principle guiding BHRT. The nine points Dr. Brown will address include: An introduction to the idea of using estrogen levels as a start for determining a practical therapeutic plan for BHRT treatment; A brief summary of the literature support for Biest 80:20 versus 50:50; An overview of progesterone treatment options and conditions that are ideal for each modality; Presentation of a case for "real" indications for testosterone therapy; Presentation of pearls for serum monitoring of sex hormone treatment; Reviewing progesterone therapy and its relation to cancer incidence reduction; Discussion of Provera?s relation to heart disease and breast cancer; Commentary on estriol as a breast cancer protective agent; Presenting the concept of "hormone balance"as a guiding principle for BHRT.