(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Particles of Consciousness and Advanced Healing Tools


Advancing Naturopathic Medicine ~ 2016

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Scientists have discovered that reality around us depends on the behavior of particles of light. New tests conducted in physics labs all over the world support the theory that the world doesn?t exist until we look at it. Quantum theory states that reality doesn?t exist until it?s measured. This means that a particle?s past behavior changes based on what we see. Surprisingly, these results point to the fact that ancient mystics may have been right all along.

The science relating to particles of consciousness may be applied to the science of healing. Research has shown that the inert placebo substances may be induced to display healing properties under certain circumstances. Sugar pills may be induced to relieve pain, headaches, swelling, depression, and a host of other maladies. One possible explanation for this phenomenon lies in the concept of particles of consciousness. What if consciousness and reality may be reduced to particles that shape how we experience ourselves? If these particles can be generated and attached to healing tools, then practitioners would have a whole new genre of consciousness powered tools that can help them attack illness. Dr. Mitchell Gibson?s research into this area provides an enlightening glance into the world of healing with particles of consciousness.