Daniel M. Rubin, ND

(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Management of People with Cancer Through the Precepts of Naturopathic Medicine


AANP 2004 Convention ~ Seattle, Washington

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Cancer is not a disease. Rather, cancer describes a syndrome resulting ultimately in the formation of a tumorous mass eligible for metastatic spread. Syndrome describes the accumulation of internal incidents which elicit symptoms or signs, collectively referred to by a designated name. Oncologically, when enough incidents have occurred in the body to sustain replication of a significantly mutated cell type in a local area, a tumor can form. As such a tumor grows it becomes recognizable and the diagnosis of cancer can be made. The precepts of modern oncology define the tumor as the prevailing problem and those within whom cancer resides simply become referred to as, breast cancer patients, for example. Unfortunately, with such gregarious titling the humanity of an individual becomes lost. In contrast, whence referred to as a person with breast cancer the humanity and dignity of the person afflicted is spared and that person is placed in higher regard than the cancer itself. Rote delineation of IV preparations, supplement schedules or medicines are useful but inefficient at accomplishing complete treatment of people with cancer. Because of their essence, the precepts of naturopathic medicine serve as excellent guidelines in developing a treatment schedule for a person with cancer.