(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Identifying the Most Common Homeopathic Constitutions Within Minutes


Advancing Natural Medicine 11 ~ 2013

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The goal of Dr. Sharif?s presentation is to help you quickly identify a person?s constitutional homeopathic remedy by looking for key behavioral and physical cues in your patients, and by asking them a few simple questions. Since the majority of people are polycrests, the talk will be focused primarily on these top 15-20 remedies. Dr. Sharif will be showing 1-2 videos for each of these main constitutions. These videos will help teach you how to simplify your case taking as Dr. Sharif highlights the most important aspects of each person/remedy. He will demonstrate that, once you are familiar with the temperament and "energy" of these common remedies, it is often not necessary to do the conventional one to two hour intake followed by the repertorization process. Unlike most other classes on homeopathy, he will not be discussing the many details of each remedy. Instead, he will be focusing on the top features and the overall feeling of the remedies, displayed by the videos.