(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Explaining Unexplained Infertility


Advancing Naturopathic Medicine ~ 2016

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Up to 20% of couples today are diagnosed with infertility, and of those couples 25% will be told their infertility is unexplainable. Naturopathic physicians and other complementary practitioners are perfectly suited to uncover the root cause for these couples. A thorough fertility evaluation can determine the etiology and provide the couple with a relevant treatment plan, in order to restore fertility. Practitioners will receive practical tools for the evaluation of infertile couples with a focus on unexplained infertility. This lecture will provide delegates an opportunity to gain: a thorough understanding of the most common causes of infertility with an emphasis on ovulatory disorders, reproductive immunology and male factors; the ability to identify the cause for unexplained infertility using detailed patient histories and advanced laboratory testing; an update on current research in nutraceuticals, nutrition, hormones and lifestyle as they relate to the specific underlying cause of infertility; a clearer understanding of conventional and pharmaceutical treatments of those conditions that are commonly encountered when working alongside assisted reproductive technologies.