Robert Steinhauer

Working Together to Optimize Quality and Yield (2-Tape Session)


Unified Wine & Grape Symposium ~ 2000

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Topic Introduction and Overview - Dr. Ben-Ami Bravdo Volcani Institute, Israel

Panel Discussion and Tasting: Paired winemakers and vineyardists from four California regions focus on one principal topic. Concrete examples of problems and discussion of practical solutions that illustrate effective communication between enologists and viticulturists. Concurrent tasting of two wines per team to demonstrate examples of problem solving techniques.

Moderator: Jim Wolpert, U.C. Davis

North Coast: Ed Sbragia/Bob Steinhauer, Beringer Vineyards

Central Coast: Charlie Tsegeletos/Kurt Gollnick, UDV/Scheid

South San Joaquin Valley: Paul Stafford/Bryan Anthony, E&J Gallo Winery

North Coast - Medium Size: Christina Benz/Jim Murphy, Murphy-Goode Estate Winery