Linda F. Bisson

Wine Microbiology Session


American Society for Enology & Viticulture 52nd Annual Meeting ~ 2001

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Chair: Linda F. Bisson, AJEV Science Editor, University of California, Davis

Effectiveness of Sulfur Dioxide and Dimethyldicarbonate on Saccharomyces Bayanus at Different pH Levels in a Juice and Semi-Sweet Wine ~ Renee Threlfall

Lysozyme as an Aid in Preventing Stuck Fermentations ~ Uri Hetz

Effect of Malolactic Strain and Timing of Inoculation on Chemical and Sensory Characteristics of Chardonnay ~ Ram¢n Mira de Ordu¤a

Molecular Biology Methods as a Tool for Quality Control in Wine Fermentation: Application of DGGE, RFLP and mtDNA-REA to a

Continuous Fermentation ~ Luca Cocolin

Panel Discussion