Goro Okamoto

Vine Physiology Session ~ Part III (2-Tape Session)


American Society for Enology & Viticulture 52nd Annual Meeting ~ 2001

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Chair: Larry Bettiga, University of California Cooperative Extension, Monterey County

Participartory On- Farm Trials for Sustainable Viticulture ~ David Shearer

Effect of Partial Rootzone Drying on Vine Water Relation, Vegetative Growth, Mineral Nutrition, Yield Components, Fruit Composition and Wine Chemistry in Sauvignon blanc Grapevines ~ Guoqiang Du

Leaf Gas Exchange and Pruning Weight Response of Pinot noir to Manipulation of Soil Moisture and Nitrogen Availability ~ Jessica Howe

Manipulation of Soil Moisture and Nitrogen Availability to Improve Juice Composition of Pinot Noir Grown in Oregon ~ Jessica Howe

Effect of Vine Water Stress on Berry Ripening in Chardonnay Grapes ~ Goro Okamoto

Deficit Irrigation and Summer Hedging Influence on Canopy Growth and Fruit Quality of Riesling ~ Russell P. Smithyman

Responses of Berry Size and of Tannins, Pigments and Sensory Attributes in Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes and Wine to Water Deficits and Crop Load ~ Mark Matthews

Effects of N Fertilizer and Irrigation Amounts on Leaf C Values, Seasonal Water Status and Water Use Efficiency of Cabernet Sauvignon Vines ~ Alberto Iandolino