Larry Bettiga

Vine Physiology Session ~ Part I (2-Tape Session)


American Society for Enology & Viticulture 52nd Annual Meeting ~ 2001

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Chair: Larry Bettiga, University of California Cooperative Extension, Monterey County

Influence of Rootstock on Vine Mineral Nutrition Status ~ Michael Anderson

Response of Shiraz Grapes and Grapevines to Five Different Training Systems in the Barossa Valley ~ Tony K. Wolf

Pruning Grapevines Modifies the Economy of the Whole Plant Mineral Nutrition ~ Jose Saenz

Influence of Row Orientation and Cluster Exposure to Sunlight on the Microclimate and Composition of Cabernet Sauvignon Fruits in the Napa Valley ~ Keir Keightley

Manipulating Bud Break Dates in Grapevines ~ Adam Friend

Influence of Forchlorfenuron (CPPU) on the Growth and Composition of Table Grapes ~ Nick Dokoozlian

The Effect of Fruit Thinning on Yield, Quality, and Return Crop in ?Concord? ~ Terry Bates

Interaction Between the Leaf Area: Fruit Weight Ratio and Cultural Practices on Three Table Grape Cultivars in California ~ Jennifer Hashim

Grape Rootstock-Scion Combination Effects on Leaf Nutrient Status and Yield Under Drought Conditions in Hungary ~ Laszlo Kocsis

De-Acclimation of Vitis amurensis Hybrid Varieties in Fluctuating Winter Temperatures ~ Laszlo Kovacs