Susan Battle

VIDEO: The Art of Herbal Soap Making



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Soap making is an age-old skill currently undergoing a popular revival. Many are discovering how much FUN it can be to make soap. With this easy to follow video, you will experience the satisfaction of making your own luxurious, moisturizing and non-irritating soap using your own ingredients that are easy to obtain.

The soap you will make with this video contains NO petrochemicals. All ingredients are natural.

On this video you will:

1. View a complete soap-making demonstration.

2. Learn how to make soap in your own home from any oil or fat you choose.

3. See the equipment needed to make soap and get tips for choosing correct supplies.

4. Learn three ways to add herbs to soap.

5. Learn basic soap chemistry

Caution: After viewing this video you may become addicted to soap making and end up with colorful, hand crafted soap in every room in your house. And you will always have the perfect GIFT for everyone you know.