Trina Doerfler, ND, DC

(SINGLE AUDIO CD DISC) Oxytocin: The Big O in Women's Health


Menopause Management: Advancing Your Expertise and Hormone Boot Camp ~ May, 2014

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Oxytocin is a powerful player in the relief of stress in women?s physiology. Research has now documented critical pathways in which surges of cortisol induce a compensatory oxytocin release especially in women. This ancient wiring drives very different stress behaviors in women than those in men and yet is underutilized in our current models. The classic stress responses of Flight or Flight are replaced by Tend and Befriend behaviors. This mechanism can be augmented by behavioral and medicinal modalities thoroughly aligned with naturopathic principles. My presentation will outline evidence and easily accessible tools, both medicinal and behavioral for practitioner and patient alike.