Netta Zeberoff, MH, RHP

VIDEO: Making Your Own Herbal Salves



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Join Netta Zeberoff, MH, RHP at her home in Castlegar, BC, Canada in her own kitchen. Learn the easy way to prepare salves and ointments youself. This video is loaded with practical tips for success in gathering herbs and preparing your own herbal remedies, including the secrets to making a superior cough syrup.

Netta Zeberoff was a prodigy of the late Ella Birzneck, founder of Dominion Herbal College. Netta is a consulting herbalist in the interior of British Columbia where she teaches classes in herbalogy and leads herb walks. She is Russian Doukabor by birth and continues a family tradition of many generations of folk healers. Netta teaches and lectures on contemporary botanical knowledge as well as the traditions of the ancient folk remedies of her people.