Jim Meuninck

VIDEO: Little Medicine ~ The Wisdom to Avoid Big Medicine



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How do Native Americans and pioneers avoid Big Medicine? They practiced Little Medicine, all the little things you should do to avoid injury and disease. Discover:

-Plants used to repel bears and snakes.

-Plants that repel disease carrying mosquitoes and flies.

-Organic, natural garden sprays from wild plants.

-How to eradicate lice with a treatment for baldness.

-Plants used to treat bites, stings & envenomations.

-Herbal wound treatments, antiseptics & antibiotics.

-Nutrient rich dog food made from wild plants.

-Kombucha, primal medicine, performing miracles today.

-Ancient foods: heart medicine & cancer inhibitors.

-HerbalNews Network: health tips you can use today.

This beautifully recorded video explores what works from Native American traditions in diet and disease prevention.