Kenneth R. Pelletier, MD

VIDEO: Healthy Aging



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Want to live past 100? People over 85 are the fastest growing age group in America! You have more control over your longevity than you may realize. Illnesses such as cancer, strokes, and heart attacks, which can kill prematurely, are now treatable & even preventable. But living longer isn't enough, we want to age well. Having a life plan to insure you enjoy your later years in good health involves making healthy choices today. Dr. Pelletier shows you the simple factors that determine longevity and successful aging. Through interviews with experts, this video shows the connection between your daily lifestyle habits and your personal potential for both a longer life and healthspan. Healthy habits are easy to start and maintain. "Healthy Aging" is a practical guide that can help you and your family live longer, healthier, and more vital lives.