Anatole Besarab, MD

Vascular Access (3-Cassette Session)


26th Annual Conference on Peritoneal Dialysis ~ 2006

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Fistula First Breakthrough Initiative - Emily Hodgin, BSN, RN

Creation and Survival of AV Fistulas - Anatole Besarab, MD

Determining Maturity and Cannulation of the New AVF- Lynda Ball, RN, BSN, CNN

Troubleshooting AV Fistula Problems - Deborah J. Brouwer, RN

Converting AV Grafts to AV Fistulas: A Crucial Strategy of the Fistula First Initiative - Lawrence Spergel, MD


Buttonhole Technique for Cannulating AV Fistulas - Lynda Ball, RN, BSN, CNN