W. Douglas Gubler

Trunk and Canker Disease and Keynote Addresses (2-Cassette Session)


American Society for Enology & Viticulture 57th Annual Meeting ~ 2006

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Since the first recognition of trunk and canker diseases more than a hundred years ago, the general problem of vine dieback and collapse is becoming more clear. This seminar is an overview of the early history of vine dieback and dead arm symptoms that led to Eutypa dieback and Bot canker identification and current investigations of both canker diseases. Recent research of Esca, Young Vine Decline and Measles will also be presented. This seminar will provide a better understanding of these diseases and several newly identified pathogenic species that can infect the permanent woody tissues causing loss of productivity and eventual vine collapse.

Introduction ~ A Historical Look at Trunk and Canker Diseases of the Vine ~ Biology and Epidemiology of Grapevine esca Pathogens ~ Eutypa lata and Other Diatrypaceous Fungi Causing Grapevine Cankers ~ Occurence and Importance of Botryosphaeria spp., A Fungal Pathogen Associated with Grapevine Cankers in California ~ Summary of New Research on Trunk Diseases ~