Nick K. Dokoozlian

Thursday General Viticulture Session


American Society for Enology & Viticulture 51st Annual Meeting ~ 2000

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Chair: Dr. Nick Dokoozlian, University of California, Kearney Agricultural Center, Parlier

Program Outline:

3:45 - 4:00 pm Jessica Shoemake, Washington State University, Prosser ~ Determining the Effect of Grow Tubes on Grapevine Water Use

4:00 - 4:15 pm Gaspar Roby, University of California, Davis ~ The Roles of Vine Water Status and Berry Size in the Phenolic Composition of Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes and Wines

4:15 - 4:30 pm Mercy Neumann, Washington State University, Prosser ~ Cover Crop Evaluations for Eastern Washington Vineyards