Andrew L. Waterhouse

Tannin Management in the Vineyard / Tannin Management in the Winery (2-Tape Session)


Unified Wine & Grape Symposium ~ 2001

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Joint Viticulture and Enology Session:

Vineyard Portion: Presentation on the use and interpretation of maturity indices that can be used to evaluate ripeness, with an emphasis on actual application in a working environment, including a discussion of the Australian grape skin disk evaluation system with an analysis of how the program was developed, what it measures and how the results relate to wine quality.

Moderator: Bryan Parker, Beringer Wine Estates

Speakers: Steven F. Price, ETS Labs, Roland Wahlquist, Brown Brothers, Australia

Winery Portion: A full presentation of the work being done on cap management of red wines from several regions. This session will include a

commentary by two winemakers involved in present research, who will address what the winery learned from the trial, consequences of the trial

results on their winemaking process and planned or in-place changes to the winemaking process as a result of the trials. Wines from those trials will be

tasted. The session will conclude with a discussion of new winery and red fermentor designs.

Moderator: Mark Lyon, Sebastiani Vineyards

Speakers: Andrew L. Waterhouse, University of California, Davis, Jeffrey Meier, J. Lohr Winery. Scott Hawley, Fetzer Vineyards