M. Andrew Walker

Disease Control and Vineyard Practices (2-Cassette Session)


American Society for Enology & Viticulture 55th Annual Meeting ~ 2004

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Chair: M. Andrew Walker, University of California, Davis, California ~

Production and Delivery of a Biocontrol Agent for Eutypa Prevention ~ Quantitative Detection and Distribution of Eutypa lata in Grapevine ~ Existence of Intact Xylem in Postveraison Grape Berry ~ Correcting a Breeding Mistake and Discovering Novel Sources of Resistance to Xiphinema Index and Pierce's Disease ~ Botrytis Bunch Rot: Effects of Infection Timing, Cluster Architecture and Berry Content ~ Effect of Irrigation on Pinot noir Performance in the Willamette Valley ~ Spatial Analysis of Mineral Nutrient Retention and Microbial Processes in the Drip Zone ~