Complete 2013 "Challenges and Controversies in Women's Health and Clinical Practice" Course on Audio CDs in a Vinyl Storage Album


Challenges and Controversies in Women's Health and Clinical Practice ~ January, 2013

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This seminar will be focused on addressing some challenges in everyday practice, controversial and confusing dilemmas, and for the first time, essential business practice management issues and an open and insightful discussion on everyday ethics in clinical practice. This course is suited for any practitioner who is in clinical practice and is faced with these clinical and business issues on a regular basis. The seminar will advance the practitioner?s knowledge base and provide critical tools and skills in assessment, clinical management and practice management as well as addressing leading clinical issues and research in the medical literature. A highlight of this weekend will be the lecture by the very well known Alan R. Gaby, M.D., who has been a past member of our faculty. We are privileged to have someone with his level of expertise and prominence in the field of integrative medicine. We are pleased to welcome back previous presenters on our faculty. Holly Lucille, N.D., R.N. is a well-known national lecturer in natural medicine to both consumer and professional audiences. We are always eager to have her back. She is appreciated for her insightful and ability to make difficult concepts more easily understood. We also welcome back Alena G. Guggenheim N.D., Based on her highly praised lecture at our last seminar on pediatrics, Dr. Guggenheim returns for more in depth content and additional new issues in the issues our patients face in parenting their children. This lecture promises to be controversial and offers poignant material we can pass along to our patients to assist them in raising a healthy family. We have several new faculty members for this special topical seminar. Limited therapies are available for uterine fibroids, and our expert women?s health radiologist, Mary M. Costantino, M.D., will help all practitioners better utilize the revised and updated uterine embolization intervention. Davis C. Teichgraeber, M.D., is a specialist in women?s imaging and will enhance our basic and advanced understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of breast imaging options for screening in both the low risk and high risk patient as well as improve our appropriate referrals for specific diagnostic imaging. Charles D. Sturgis, M.D., will offer us very important content on an emerging problem in women?s health--anal HPV and anal cancer. Without any currently accepted guidelines for screening, this lecture will raise our awareness and assure our ability to identify patients who need screening as well as teach us the proper techniques and tools for proper evaluation. Tucker S. Meager, N.D., is our last new faculty member and brings to us his expertise in practice management issues related to two very important areas--keys to successful marketing and optimizing insurance reimbursement for a naturopathic and integrative medical practice. Tori Hudson, N.D., our program director, brings her 28 years of clinical experience in women?s health while focusing on appropriate and judicious use of prescription medications for select conditions, addressing some of the controversies and pitfalls in current screening guidelines and successful strategies for managing three complex chronic conditions. Lastly, we have asked a panel of clinicians to address important ethical issues and challenges in everyday clinical practice. We all face them, whether we are new in clinical practice, or long timers. It will be stimulating to gain insight from the experiences of these clinicians.