Alexander G. Schauss, PhD

Cat's Claw: Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-viral, and Immunostimulant



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Over 500 years of documentation on the therapeutic benefits of Cat?s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) recently summarized by the author. Dr. Schauss will discuss the range of applications and methods of preparation of Cat?s Claw root, along with an explanation of its broad range of beneficial biological activities. Of particular interest is a human study which has demonstrated that cancer cell mutation can stop within days of consuming Cat?s Claw, even in smokers, suggesting that Cat?s Claw protects against chemical-induced

mutagenicity or genetically-induced mutagenic activity. Alexander G. Schauss, PhD, is well-known to the natural products industry. He is the Director of the Natural and Medical Products Research at the American Institute for Biosocial Research. Recently, he was appointed to the

Ad Hoc Development Planning Committee of the NIH Office of Dietary Supplements and to a three- year term on the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine Advisory Council. He is a founder and former Executive Director of both Citizens For

Health and the American Preventive Medical Association. Currently, he is a member of the NNFA's Compliance and Label Integrity Committee (ComPLI). Dr. Schauss is the author of over 65 publications and articles and a prolific speaker.