Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD, FACN, CNS

Beyond Metabolic Syndrome ~ Dementia, Diabetes, CVD, Hypertension and Autoimmune Disease (7-AUDIO CD DISC SET) ~ 2007



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Recently, there has been considerable discussion among experts on the alarming increase of a broad range of conditions associated with insulin action and aging, such as:

Metabolic syndrome

Age-related dementia

Inflammatory arthritis

Cancer risk

Cardiovascular disease risk

Age-related macular degeneration

Adding to this dialogue has been the great controversy over nutritional therapies for these conditions such as the Atkins, Zone, and Paleolithic diets, as well as specific nutraceuticals to address insulin resistance and lipotoxicity. Is there a general principle that emerges from all this discussion of how to address altered insulin signaling which appears to be the pandemic of the early 21st century? Join Dr. Bland to explore the emerging scientific and clinical evidence of more effective nutritional approaches for the management of insulin-associated disorders with age-related disease. You will also be detailed on an advanced clinical tool for assessing blood lipids and C-reactive protein-an important inflammatory marker-as well as exciting new discoveries in the role of kinases in health and disease. Moreover, you will discover how modulating specific kinases-an exciting focus in modern medicine expected to become a 58 billion dollar industry by the year 2010-can help control the complex processes of insulin action and address a wide array of health conditions.

Key Clinical Takeaways:

Understand the pros and cons of popular diets?such as Atkins, Zone, and Paleolithic diets and new nutritional modalities for addressing a wide variety of health conditions

Discover an exciting, highly useful clinical tool for assessing blood lipids and a specific inflammatory marker

Learn the role that specific kinases have in controlling insulin action and the influence that selective kinase response modulators (SKRMs) have on these processes

Discover how to improve clinical efficacy and personalize patient protocols