Zbylut J. Twardowski, MD, PhD, FACP

(3-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Global Dialysis in the Sixties: Down Memory Lane, Parts I and II


30th Annual Conference on Peritoneal Dialysis ~ 2010

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Dr. Belding Scribner?s Early Life - Christopher Blagg, MD

Dr. Scribner and the University of Washington Division of Nephrology - James Burnell, MD

How Dr. Scribner Learned of Teflon Tubing and the Role of David Dillard - Loren Winterscheid, MD

The Original Teflon Shunt - Wayne Quinton

The First Dialyses - Bob Hegstrom, MD

Nurses and the First Dialyses - JoAnn Albers, RN

Early Dialysis: The Technical Side - Jack Cole

Clyde Shields? Son and the Effects on the Family (Clyde was the world?s first chronic HD patient) - Tom Shields

What It Was Like To Be a Patient in Seattle in the Early Days - Loren Winterscheid

Later Developments from the Seattle Program - Christopher Blagg, MD


Additional Presentations Offered by:

Carl M. Kjellstrand, MD, PhD

Robert M. Lindsay, MD

Zbylut J. Twardowski, MD, PhD

Eli A. Friedman, MD

Dimitrios G. Oreopoulos, MD, PhD

Karl D. Nolph, MD

Jos‚ Diaz-Buxo, MD

Jack Moncrief, MD

Ramesh Khanna, MD