Dr. Glen Creasy

(3-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Friday Viticulture Session


American Society for Enology & Viticulture 56th Annual Meeting ~ 2005

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Evaluation of Abscisic Acid for Budburst Delay of Grapevine ~ Grapevine Leaf and Fruit Tissue Responses to Fosetyl-Al and UV Radiation ~ Evaluation of Mechanical Pruning on Cynthiana Grape and Wine Composition ~ Wine Sensory Analysis Shows Different Responses to Pruning, Thinning and Irrigation Regulated Yield ~ Innovative Forms of Diversity in California Vineyards: Integration of Biodiversity and Crop Diversification in Winegrape Production Systems ~ Mechanical Crop Adjustment: A Successful Research and Extension Effort in the Lake Erie Region ~ Development of a Method for Drying Raisins and the Vine That Alternates Fruiting Canes and Renewal Shoots Within the Row and Uses a Conventional Trellis ~