(2-AUDIO CDs) Weight Loss Strategies for Women: Multifactorial Structured Program for Successful Well-Managed & Safe Weight Loss


Primary Care in Women: Challenging Problems and Creative Solutions in Natural Medicine ~ July, 2014

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This lecture will focus on the design and implementation of a safe and effective weight loss program. The obesity epidemic is growing at record rates and clinicians are often frustrated at not being able to effectively help their patients lose weight. Establishing a weight loss program can help your patients find long-term answers to their weight issues and serve as a powerful practice builder and revenue generator for your practice. By the end of this talk you will be able to:

* identify good candidates for weight loss

* order appropriate lab tests and perform physical exam for safe weight loss

* utilize biometric data, including bio impedance assessment (BIA), to track patient?s progress

* educate patients about food tracking and meal replacement products

* direct patients in correct types of exercise for weight loss

* guide your patients through plateaus and effectively teach skills to maintain a healthy weight

* educate patients about myths and facts of HCG therapy