Thomas L. Cantor, BSc

(2-AUDIO CD DISCS) Industry Speaks II: Adynamic Bone Disease: What It is, What Are Its Consequences and What You Can Do About It


25th Annual Conference on Peritoneal Dialysis ~ 2005

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Adynamic Bone Disease - Histology, Consequences, and Treatment - Hartmut Malluche, MD

The Biochemistry of the 7-84 PTH Molecule - Thomas L. Cantor, BA

Adynamic Bone Disease Begins before Dialysis - Akihide Tokumoto, MD

High iPTH & Low Ratio Indicate Adynamic Bone Disease - Victor Rozas, MD

Panel Discussion: Tom Cantor, BA, Hartmut Malluche, MD, Victor Rozas, MD & Akihide Tokumoto, MD