(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Naturopathic Psychiatry: A Wide Angle Perspective


Primary Care in Women: Challenging Problems and Creative Solutions in Natural Medicine ~ July, 2014

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Naturopathic psychiatry embraces the totality of an individual?s physical symptoms, the mental belief systems and the emotions that fuel the disease.

This presentation will provide an integrative perspective that begins with the patient?s story and how the emerging puzzle of symptoms open the door to deep transformative healing. Treatments mirror original development where intestinal bacterial colonization coincides with the stress response system and attachment. Interpersonal sustenance is necessary to structure the brain for well being. We will see how emerging studies show that alteration in the microbiome modulates plasticity and neurotransmitter signaling. The presentation will review inflammatory theories of depression and the relationship of MTHF mutations with dopamine deficiency, gut permeability and immune responses. We will also look at the how each individual?s condition mirrors an expression of a learned response during stress that gets repeated. This occurs at a cellular level. We will see how it is the perception of these events that is the deciding factor in health or disease. Stress stimulates a whole system of responses. An update on the most recent medications, botanicals and supplements will be reviewed. Finally it is relationship that facilitates neuroplasticity and lasting change.