(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Less Stress When You Don't Guess: Testing Options for Anxiety and Insomnia


Primary Care for Women ~ August, 2013

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Anxiety disorders afflicts 18% of the population and women are 60% more likely to experience it than men. The CDC has now declared that insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic. A person's genetics, biochemistry and environment all contribute to the development of anxiety disorders and insomnia. Most people with these disorders seem to have biological vulnerabilities to stress, making them more susceptible than the rest of the population. In this presentation, Dr. Bush will review the validity, clinical importance, and interfering factors of neurotransmitter and hormone testing for the evaluation of anxiety disorders and insomnia. Dr. Bush will also cover common testing trends for the general population and in peri/postmenopausal

women and demonstrate how to craft personalized health programs from this data.