Erin Lommen, ND

(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Hormone Testing Update: What, When and How for Evaluation of Women in the Menopausal Transition


Menopause Management: Advancing Your Expertise, Hormone Boot Camp and Research Updates ~ April, 2015

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Patient results in hormone optimization and neuroendocrine balance can be built from the blueprint of accurate, reliable and valid testing. Optimizing health and treating our patients successfully is every practitioner?s primary goal. Many of our patients are of the complex variety and utilizing good functional testing provides the roadmap for successful treatment. But which labs to order, how do we interpret them and when do they need to be ordered? Measuring active saliva hormone levels is different than measuring general total serum levels. Each serves a purpose but understanding how they differ is critical. This presentation will elucidate the science behind the existing hormone and neuroendocrine testing methodologies, as well as outlining the monitoring practices and treatment protocols to successfully treat patients.