Erin Lommen, ND

(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Cravings, Contentment and Correction of Chemical Imbalances: Solving the 'always wanting more' Syndrome


Primary Care for Women ~ July, 2015

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Chemical imbalances are at the heart of cravings and addiction, and therefore a major culprit in derailing our patients? best intentions to ?get healthy and stay on track?. What are cravings? What do we know about them scientifically? And how do they lead to compulsive use? Lastly, does loss of impulse control and giving in to cravings actually lead to addiction? Learn what elements and predispositions set up these patterns of craving, destructive habits of distraction and compulsive behaviors. Understand the biochemistry which encourages cravings to take on a life of their own and run amok? As Clinicians, laying a strong foundation through neuroendocrine balancing is essential? adrenal resilience, sex steroid hormone optimization and balancing of the key neurotransmitters? serotonin, dopamine, GABA and norepinephrine. This presentation provides the tools for how to select and interpret functional lab assessments which get at the root causes of cravings and behaviors. It also elucidates for practitioners, the most current scientific data so that the Practitioner is current and ?in the know?. Become an expert in the employment of natural bio agents which cut cravings off at the pass, set patients up for success, and provide the roadmap to reaching and sustaining optimal health.