Professor Richard R. Johnson

(10-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Crafting Revolution ~ Envisioning America ~ Winter Lecture Series 2003


The Richard Johnson Lecture Series

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Recorded January and February, 2003 ~

#1 ~ Angels and Englishmen: This series focuses on the roles of Ben Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in our country's formation. Explore our three protagonists' upbringings and emotional relationships amid the diverse cultures of 18th-century British America ~

#2 ~ From Protest to Rebellion: Learn of the revolution in "hearts and minds." The colonists, once unquestioningly loyal, now challenge British rule, bringing our three patriots to Philadelphia to draft the Declaration of Independence ~

#3 ~ Guiding the Whirlwind: Who will direct the storm that follows independence? Franklin, Adams and Jefferson lead in the creation of republican governments, the defeat of the British and the development of America's foreign diplomacy ~

#4 ~ Shaping the Republic: A new country emerges from the crisis of the 1770s. Within these events is Franklin's last act in public life, drafting a Federal Constitution. Adams and Jefferson become rivals in the partisan struggle to define the goals and policies of the national government ~

#5 ~ Legacies to America: Examine the ways we remember and celebrate the lives of Franklin, Adams and Jefferson and how they reflect the larger meaning and lasting significance of the American Revolution ~