Susun S. Weed

The Three Traditions of Healing


HerbFest 2000

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Scientific, heroic and wise woman viewpoints are all different. Learn more with Susun Weed. Change occurs through nourishment. Health is flexibility, not the absence of disease. We are inherently whole and perfect, yet always seeking more wholeness, more perfection. Wise Woman Ways apply to healing, and economics, psychology, religion, teaching, any form of human endeavor! In the Wise Woman tradition the whole is understood to be greater than the parts. The individual is not seen as an isolated problem, but as member of a family, a community, an ecology. We all manifest a desire to be whole/healthy/holy. In order to heal the person, we must attend also to the healing of the family, the community, and the earth. The Wise Woman Way reminds us that how we choose to heal ourselves has a significant impact on the planet and all plant, animal, and human lives. For more details on this presentation go to the following URL: