Jon Bridgman

The Movie Generation ~ 1900-1950: A History of the Film Industry in America ~ Winter Lecture Series 2001 (6-Tape Set)


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Recorded January and February, 2001 ~ (Un-edited Lectures)

Our instincts suggest that motion pictures provide important evidence about the past, but the nature of the evidence is debatable. The movies do reflect popular culture, but at the same time, they shape it. Through the movies we see the past through a distorting mirror. There was no American town like Carvel, and no family like the Hardy family; yet the Andy Hardy movies reveal much about late 1930s America. In this series, we shall try to sort out the relationship between the great epics of 20th century American history and the contemporary movies.

Audio Tape #1 ~ Pictures That Move: The invention of motion pictures, their introduction as a novelty in vaudeville shows and the opening of nickelodeons ~

Audio Tape #2 ~ The Great War and The Birth of an Industry: Pioneers who built a new art form into the world's greatest entertainment industry ~

Audio Tape #3 ~ The Roaring Twenties: Motion Pictures and the New Morality ~

Audio Tape #4 ~ The Great Depression and the Great Escape from Reality: La-la Land at its Best ~

Audio Tape #5 ~ The Second World War: The Movie Industry Re-Enlists to Promote the War Effort ~

Audio Tape #6 ~ The Cold War and Film Noir: The dark and stormy climax of the movie generation ~